Vascular stapler with knife УКСН-25Б

It is intended for closure of blood vessels with two two-row sutures with their simultaneous cutting at surgical operations.

The principle of action is that the vessel is placed between the working parts of the apparatus, compressed to the stitching clearance and pierced by the staples which legs, getting to the matrix small cavities, are bent in the form of B letter, forming a suture. The suturing apparatus can be used for application of two two-row staple sutures and for cutting the stitched vessel between these sutures. It can be used for stitching of peripheral vessels with formation of two tight stumps.


  • Suture length, mm — 25 + 1
  • Suture length, mm — 25 + 1
  • Suture length, mm — 25 + 1
  • Stitching clearances, mm — 0,4…1,3
  • Overall dimensions, mm — 325 х 117 х 28
  • Weight, kg — 0,5