Suturing instrument/stump suture appliance for organs СУО-70

It is intended for performing of lateral gastroenteric and interintestinal anastomoses, stitching of digestive tract organs, lungs and other organs using four-row suture with division lengthways in to two two-row sutures, providing simultaneously stitching of a stumps and dissected part.

The principle of action is based on compression of the stitched tissue to the stitching clearance between the jaws of support and staple part with its subsequent stitching with U-shaped metal staples. Staples, coming out of the grooves on the staple jaw, pierce by their legs the layer of compressed tissue and, getting to the small cavities on the support jaw, are bent to B-shaped form, firmly holding the stitched tissues together.


  • Length of suture applied, mm — 70 + 2
  • Staple dimensions, mm — 0,2 х 4 х 5
  • Stitching clearances, mm — 0,8…2,5
  • Suture type — Two 2-row sutures
  • Number of staples per cartridge, pieces — 22
  • Overall dimensions, mm — 250 х 88х40
  • Weight, kg — 0,5