Apparatus for performing of lateral gastroenteric anastomosis НЖКА-60

The apparatus is intended for performing of gastroenteric anastomoses and side-to-side anastomoses of small and large intestines.

It is intended for gastroenteric tract surgeries. The stitching is made by U-shaped metal staples which do not cause any inflammatory processes in stitched tissues. Application of the apparatus, in comparison with manual methods, helps to considerably reduce stitching time, increase asepticity of the process, reduce traumatization of stitched organs and adjacent tissues, helps to put the edges of stitched parts together properly, to promote favorable postoperative course.


  • Suture type — Linear two-row with division into two one-row sutures
  • Staple dimensions, mm — 0,25 х 4 х 4
  • Stitching clearance, mm — 0,5-1,5
  • Overall dimensions, mm — 227 х 61х 20
  • Weight, kg — 0,3