Bronchial staplers УБ-40

Are intended for bronchial stump closure using U-shaped metal staples at pneumonectomy.

The principle of action of the stapling devices – the stitched organ, located between matrix and cartridge planes, is compressed to the stitching clearance. The staples pierce the organ and take B-shaped form, being bent in the matrix small cavities. Application of the bronchial staplers accelerates and considerably simplifies the surgery (in comparison with manual method). The mechanical suture results in reliable and tight closure of the bronchus stump, in reduction of postoperative complications.


  • Suture length, mm — 40
  • Staple dimensions, mm — 0,3x4x4,8
  • Stitching clearances, mm— 0,8… 2,3
  • Overall dimensions, mm — 345x128x28
  • Weight, kg — 0,55