Anesthesia breathing system «Orphey»

Modern multipurpose anesthesia breathing system:

It is intended for low-flow inhalation anesthesia in adults and children with body weight over two kilograms. The electric fan with electronic control provides compulsory and assisted pulmonary ventilation with pressure-regulated volume control. It also provides independent breathing mode with constant positive pressure in respiratory tracts with an opportunity of pressure support for independent inspiration. The inspiration attempt trigger provides an opportunity of fine adjustment of sensitivity and can work with both pressure and volume regulation.

Multilevel patient safety system which meet modern safety standards:

Gas mixer with fully automatic system of protection against supply of hypoxic mix to the breathing circuit and with opportunity of connection of backup oxygen source without disconnection of the main source. Adjustable protection of the patient against high pressure in respiratory tracts and atmospheric valve for prevention of active expiration in case of patient contour decompression. Adjustable pressure release valve for manual ventilation. Oxygen gauge in the breathing circuit for monitoring of oxygen concentration in breathing mixture. Adjustable alarm system according to GOST R MEK 60601-2-13. Easily removable respiratory system with an opportunity of complete dismantling and sterilization. Backup power supply provides operation of the system for forty minutes after power outage.

Monitoring of all respiratory mechanics parameters in the display format convenient for the anesthesiologist:

Touch screen with convenient and user-friendly adjustment of ventilation parameters. Adjustable display parameters for flow, pressure, volume curves and respiratory loops. Easy-to-use user interface provides easy monitoring of ventilation process.

Ventilation modes:

  • Compulsory ventilation with volume control (CMV-VC);
  • Compulsory ventilation with pressure control (CMV-PC);
  • Synchronized intermittent ventilation with volume control (SIMV – PC);
  • Synchronized intermittent ventilation with pressure control (SIMV – PC);
  • Independent breathing with constant positive air pressure in respiratory tracts and inspiration pressure support (СРАР + PS);
  • Manual ventilation;
  • Flow-operated trigger;
  • Pressure-operated trigger;
  • Continuous work time with built-in backup source – not less than 40 minutes.

Brief characteristics:

  • Minute ventilation range: 0-35 l/min;
  • Respiratory volume adjustment range: 0,02 – 1,6 l;
  • Inspiration and expiration time ratio: 5:1 – 1:10;
  • Positive end expiratory pressure adjustment limits: 0-30 cm water;
  • Established ventilation frequency: 2-100 min-1;
  • Inspiratory pause adjustable limits: 0-50 %;
  • Limits of the equipment of pressure of an inspiration: 1-100 cm water;
  • Threshold for maximum inspiration pressure: 1-100 cm water;
  • Oxygen supply adjustment range: 0,2-10 l/min;
  • Nitrous oxide supply adjustment range: 0,1-10 l/min;
  • Air supply adjustment range: 1-20 l/min;
  • Adsorber volume: 1,5 l;
  • Automatic protection against hypoxic respiratory mix supply;
  • Emergency pressure release valve;
  • Emergency valve for atmospheric air supply;
  • Continuous work time with built-in backup source.

The system is registered by the federal service of supervision in the field of healthcare and can be manufactured, sold and used in the territory of the Russian Federation.